Vintage Hat Friday

This is one hot hat! No designer label, just a union-made label. It’s blocked on a base of cape net and covered one-by-one with neon pink feathers. This one just makes me smile.

I once made a one-by-one feather hat. It was about half the size of the hat below and it took HOURS to assemble. First, the feathers must be “gone through” and the fluffy bottom sections stripped away. Then each feather, one at a time, is carefully glued to the base, overlapping artfully. This one has the added beauty of the side feathers flipping over the top to create sort of an Elvis-like ducktail swoop.

As usual, I’d love to have seen the original owner decked out in this hat and her finest dress. Fun!

pink 10


In-Studio Perspectives

In the past, I have made hats for Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens’ Murder in the Mansion event, which happens every autumn after Ohio Mart. It’s a campy, fun murder-mystery event that is always a hoot. This year the character I’m dressing from the neck up wanted something a little trashy and out of date…you see, she is a working woman (not a prostitute) in the early 1920s and is hanging out with some shady characters (no surprise). Here’s the hat. I can’t wait to see the entire outfit…

Madeline 2014