Turban Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I have just completed a new turban. Turbans are a classic style and I love to make them – draping all those pleats and twists just makes me happy. Making a turban is a process – first we block buckram over our hat block and let it dry. Next it’s trimmed to the desired shape. The crown (top) is covered with fabric, either matching or contrast, and a bias strip is sewn around the bottom edge. Lastly, the fabric is draped and pinned in place, then sewn with invisible stitches so that the folds and pleats stay in place.

Pinning the Pleats

Below is the finished product. Click Here to see it on my website.

What a Great Hat Turban – Front
What a Great Hat Turban – Back

Check Out My New Website!

Alice and queen reduced

Hi Everyone,

I have been working diligently on a new website that gives me more flexibility and allows me to procrastinate without putting other people up against my last minute deadlines :o)

Here’s a link to the new site. The URL is the same – www.whatagreathat.com

I would sincerely like to hear any comments you may have, negative or positive. I will be adding items to the online store daily so rest assured that there’s much more to come on that front. But otherwise the site is more or less finished with the exception of some minor tweaks.

I value your input!



Photo Credit: Black Box Photography; Hats: What a Great Hat!; Makeup and Hair: Beauty Therapy; Flowers: The Budding Tree



What a Great Hat! New website is live

My new website (same address: www.whatagreathat.com) is live! It has been redesigned and I hope you like it as much as I do. Special thanks to my friend/web designer Nancy Dunaway for her creative design and technology skills and to Margaret Janicki-Baglia for her beautiful photography in the slide show on the home page. If you would like to use the services of either of these women, I highly recommend them! Nancy can be reached at 330-592-5852 or www.shiftypoodle.com. Contact Margaret at 330-990-2490 or janickiphotography.com.

Hand sculpted wool felt hat