Vintage Hat Friday

Good morning!

This is a funky 1940s hat from my collection. No designer label, but definitely a different shape. It was purchased at Engel-Fetzer, a Cleveland department store of yesteryear. Check out the close-up photo of the embellishment…some sort of unusual comb? Not sure if it’s just decorative or if it has a function. It never ceases to amaze me what women will perch on their heads in the name of fashion!






Vintage Hat Friday

Happy Friday!

Today’s hat is a sweet little toque that reminds me of a layer cake. Or a fancy energy dome if you’re a Devo fan :o)

It’s completely hand sewn with layers of vintage straw and netting. There are some holes in the netting but they don’t distract from the hat at all. An interesting pyramid-shaped Aurora Borealis rhinestone embellishment sits at the front. The maker is Helen Brounet, California. I’m guessing early 1960s. It’s for sale in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool under a wide-brimmed hat!

Brounet 1

Brounet 2

Vintage Hat Friday

Does this hat crack you up as much as it does me? If I ever wore this hat in public (highly doubtful, BTW) I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. It doesn’t have a designer label but is definitely 1960s/early 1970s and was purchased at Bonwit Teller. The original tag is still attached and it sold for $15. It’s for sale in my Etsy shop for a song if you’re interested.




In-Studio Perspectives

When WVIZ/PBS approached me about donating to its on-air auction, I knew I had to make a Downton Abbey-inspired hat for the membership drive. Here’s the result…a hat that has roots in the past but is still very “today.” I hope it finds its way to the head of a generous donor!

Downton Abbey-inspired hat for WVIZ/PBS Auction

Downton Abbey-inspired hat for WVIZ/PBS Auction

Vintage Hat Friday

Hello Vintage Hat Fans,

Today’s hat is so well made that I’m surprised there isn’t a label in it. Perhaps there was at some point. That’s the mystery of vintage. I’m guessing this to be 1950s.

This is a very finely woven straw picture hat. Please notice the intricate straw embellishments around the crown. These items were made by very skilled hands. And I love the straw braid band around the brim. Such an elegant piece.



What a Great Hat Gift Certificates Available

Would you like to give the gift of a hat to someone special but don’t know her size or favorite style? A What a Great Hat gift certificate is the perfect solution. Your gift recipient can choose from a hat already created or we can design a custom piece to match a favorite coat or outfit. To purchase yours, contact Paula through the form below or call 330-592-2295.

Embracing the Color Green

A customer recently asked me to create a custom straw cloche to wear this summer. She’s currently in love with the color green (and as a strawberry blonde, she looks great in it!) and wanted a piece she could wear with a lot of different things. It’s funny…so many people shy away from green but it’s a great neutral, especially for the summer. The grass is green, leaves are green, and flowers are every color. See? It goes with everything! Here’s a pic of the hat. It’s fun, fresh feel makes me smile.

Green Straw Cloche