In-Studio Perspectives

One of the most rewarding hats to make is the turban. It had never gone out of style, but it’s a style that not everyone is comfortable wearing. The fabric draping on the turban is done on the bias. Draping sometimes takes on a life of its own as the material almost comes alive with its unique personality.

I had the pleasure of making a silk turban recently as a custom order. The hat was purchased by a young woman who loves hats, style, and has the confidence to wear it beautifully. Here’s the finished piece.

turban a

turban c

turban b



Silk Turban Project

As many of you know, I’m finishing up my millinery studies at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design (only three classes left until I achieve my certificate!). I wanted to make another turban so that I could finesse my draping skills. I had this bold, beautiful red┬ásilk on hand and thought its strong pattern would add another challenge. Here’s the result.