In-Studio Perspectives — Inspiration

Happy New Year Hat Enthusiasts!

Sometimes people feel a bit let down after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But I’m always happy for a bit of “down time” to work on new design ideas I’ve only had time to dream about over the past few months. This leads to a question I’m often asked, which is where my creative inspiration comes from.

It’s a good question with no easy answer. It may come from seeing great costumes in an old movie, learning a new skill, observing nature, or just chatting with someone. Often, it comes from a simple everyday observation.

Like many of you, I received about every catalog known to mankind before the holidays. I had never heard of Olive and Cocoa, a décor/food/gift catalog company. While I didn’t buy any of their products, I loved the front cover!

So the cover below is a source of inspiration to me on a couple of levels. Primarily because it makes me happy just to look at it. The drawing is super cute. The color combinations are classic, youthful and cheerful.

So up on my idea board it goes. I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing a hat made in a gray, green and pink color combination in the near future.