Style Monday

Here are a few of my favorite images from this year’s Kentucky Derby. There were dozens more photos of lovely hats, but the faces were completely obscured. I guess for me, a hat is more than just a hat…it’s an integral part of “the look.” The hat is a success when the person wearing it owns her look with confidence. Enjoy!


Style Monday

Well, we’re in the home stretch. The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 3 and the hats, dresses and heels are in the starting gate and ready to run for the roses.

You know that the cloche is my favorite hat. This pretty Derby-goer knows how to pair it with a pretty floral dress, proving that a small hat can create a special look in a different way than its larger-brimmed sister. Fresh and pretty!

Small KD hat

Style Monday

With Kentucky Derby right around the corner, I want to share an image of a couple that captures the spirit of the Derby so well. LOVE the women’s simple dress so the hat takes center stage (as it should). And the gentleman looks equally as handsome in his smart Fedora and suit. Now if we could only get rid of the accessory that doesn’t compliment either outfit…the cellphone.

KD Couple

Paula’s 2013 Entry in the Kentucky Derby Hat Contest

Paula Singleton's 2013 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat

Paula Singleton’s 2013 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat

I have entered the Kentucky Derby Museum hat contest every year since 2010. I am pleased to announce that for the fourth year, one of my hats has been selected to be a part of the annual display. This year’s entry is a lovely spring green asymmetrical straw hat featuring black and white ribbon with stripes and dots. A huge spray of feathers gives it height and presence. I am honored to have been selected again this year.Here’s a link to the other hats that made the cut. As you can see, there are some fabulous styles to compete with!

This is how to dress for the Kentucky Derby

How many occasions require a look from head to toe that’s totally special and over-the-top? Well, the Kentucky Derby comes to mind since is all about the hat and the clothes. I’m partnering with Audrey’s Sweet Threads, a fabulous women’s boutique at Eton Collection, to bring together great hats and lovely clothing to help you look your best. The outfit in the photo is a gorgeous tiered lace dress with subtle shots of gold. See how the light filters through the hat onto the model to produce a lacy effect? So elegant. Find Audrey’s Sweet Threads at 28601 Chagrin Blvd. in Woodmere. (216-831-8880) You can see two more of my hats to the left of the mannequin in the photo below.

A Great Kentucky Derby Look by What a Great Hat and Audrey's Sweet Threads

Another Kentucky Derby Hat

Here’s another fabulous Kentucky Derby hat in shades of cafe-au-lait and cream. It’s hand blocked and sewn – the marks of a well-made hat. Dreamy satin ribbon and vintage dotted trim add a splash of luxury and vintage feathers provide a touch of whimsy. Lovely and sophisticated!

Cafe au Lait wide brim Kentucky Derby Hat

Custom Made Kentucky Derby Hats

A group of women recently came to see me about making custom hats for their trip to the Kentucky Derby. It’s always fun to custom design a piece to go with a particular dress or outfit. And Derby time is the perfect opportunity to use over-the-top profiles and embellishments. Here’s a peek at one of the hats I designed to coordinate with a beautiful coral dress.

Pink and Orange Kentucky Derby Hat

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest 2011


For the past two years I’ve entered the Kentucky Derby Hat Contest sponsored by the Kentucky Derby Museum. The hat pictured is currently in the museum and will be on display through the 2012 Derby. It’s a bright orange straw hat hand blocked and embellished with hand-dyed and hand sewn silk roses and vintage fuchsia satin ribbon. I’m working on designs for this year’s entry – stay tuned!