Paula’s 2013 Entry in the Kentucky Derby Hat Contest

Paula Singleton's 2013 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat

Paula Singleton’s 2013 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat

I have entered the Kentucky Derby Museum hat contest every year since 2010. I am pleased to announce that for the fourth year, one of my hats has been selected to be a part of the annual display. This year’s entry is a lovely spring green asymmetrical straw hat featuring black and white ribbon with stripes and dots. A huge spray of feathers gives it height and presence. I am honored to have been selected again this year.Here’s a link to the other hats that made the cut. As you can see, there are some fabulous styles to compete with!

What a Great Hat! Accepted by Kentucky Derby Museum Annual Contest

For the third year, I entered a hat in the Kentucky Derby Museum’s annual hat contest. I’m pleased to announce that my hat was one of 20 selected for display in the museum for a year. Entries arrive from around the world, so I am honored that my hat was chosen for this special exhibit. Here’s a link to all of the winning hats:

Paula Singleton’s 2012 Kentucky Derby Museum Hat Contest Winner

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest 2011


For the past two years I’ve entered the Kentucky Derby Hat Contest sponsored by the Kentucky Derby Museum. The hat pictured is currently in the museum and will be on display through the 2012 Derby. It’s a bright orange straw hat hand blocked and embellished with hand-dyed and hand sewn silk roses and vintage fuchsia satin ribbon. I’m working on designs for this year’s entry – stay tuned!