In-Studio Perspectives

Every day is a new challenge. A customer came in with an “old” fur hat that is just too large for her tiny frame. But it matches the fur coat she just had tailored so she wants the hat to be re-styled too.

Together, we decided a baseball hat profile would be really cute. But rather than cut into her fur hat (which looks very well made and was likely quite expensive), I first decided to make a prototype with faux fur.

The “leopard” hat below is the prototype and I think it is super cute. The large brown hat is the “before” hat that belongs to the customer. Stay tuned…I’ll be bringing you a photo of

Faux fur hat Prototype

Faux fur hat Prototype

the restyled hat in a future post. My biggest challenge is that the real fur is much longer than the faux, so the hat is going to be quite round and puffy. But I think (hope!) it’s going to be adorable. The customer and I discussed that once I cut into the hat there’s no going back. Fortunately, she’s so easy going that she said it’s only sitting on a shelf and won’t be worn like it is now, and that she’s certain I can make it work. I appreciate her confidence in me!

Customer's Fur Beret to be restyled

Customer’s Fur Beret to be restyled

Fabric Shopping in Toronto

A few days in Toronto last weekend yielded some fabulous new fabrics for hats-yet-to-be-created. I found some beautiful faux fur, lovely wool boucle, and great trims. Now I need to get busy! Reminder: Ohio Mart is just around the corner…it runs Thursday, October 4 through Sunday, October 7. Maybe some of my new fabric will have been transformed into ¬†hats by then. Stay tuned!

Faux fur from Toronto