Hat of the Week

The hat of the week is inspired by fashion from the 1920s. I’m currently creating a hat for a historical costume from the 1920s and wanted to try this shape, since both the crown(top) and brim are traditional 1920s shapes. The costume hat will be made of felt to go with the outfit but I made a prototype in straw to take it for a “test drive.”

Will bring you photos of the final hat when I’m finished with it. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty summer hat and learn more about it in my Etsy Store.



In-Studio Perspectives

When WVIZ/PBS approached me about donating to its on-air auction, I knew I had to make a Downton Abbey-inspired hat for the membership drive. Here’s the result…a hat that has roots in the past but is still very “today.” I hope it finds its way to the head of a generous donor!

Downton Abbey-inspired hat for WVIZ/PBS Auction

Downton Abbey-inspired hat for WVIZ/PBS Auction

Vintage Hat Friday

Hello Hat Lovers,

I’m taking a departure from my collection this week to share a photo of a beautiful hat (and woman) that a friend sent me. The woman in the photo is the grandmother of a co-worker of hers. I love everything about this photo – her expression is so sweet. Perhaps she’s thinking of the man she loves. Look at the detail of the sectioned crown and pleated lace brim. It’s one gorgeous hat!

Lovely Lady in a Vintage Hat

Lovely Lady in a Vintage Hat

If you have vintage photos of friends, relatives, etc. wearing wonderful hats, please send them my way! They may just end up on one of my posts!

In-Studio Perspectives

Hello Hat Fans,


The hats (and costumes) on Downton Abbey just keep getting better and better. I loved the hats toward the end of the series this year with the see-through brims. So elegant.

I have a few vintage crinoline brims that I’m looking forward to using soon. Millinery crinoline is synthetic, which gives it a floaty, delicate appearance.

Here’s Lady Mary wearing the style I’m describing. Can’t wait to create some pretty new pieces with this one as inspiration!

Lady Mary