Vintage Hat Friday

I have recently had the good fortune to acquire some wonderful vintage hats. I will be posting one each Friday for the next few months. When necessary (due to the hat being soiled or damaged) I restore them with new, clean ribbons or mega steaming and re-blocking to bring them back up to snuff. I can’t tell you how much fun it is as a milliner to discover how my predecessors have assembled these little gems and added their personal creative touches.

Black Turban, “Hats by Gertrude”

Since I seem to be on a turban kick, here’s an elegant little number with a label, “Hats by Gertrude.” I can’t seem to find anything online about this designer so I’m curious if she was a local to my Northeast Ohio neighborhood or not. If you know anything about this designer, please share! Not only do I love the way this demi-turban is draped, but the large pearl pin is shaped like a horseshoe with pearls at each end. Such a timeless piece, I would definitely wear this one any day!

Hats by Gertrude Turban – Back view