Hat of the Week

The hat of the week is inspired by fashion from the 1920s. I’m currently creating a hat for a historical costume from the 1920s and wanted to try this shape, since both the crown(top) and brim are traditional 1920s shapes. The costume hat will be made of felt to go with the outfit but I made a prototype in straw to take it for a “test drive.”

Will bring you photos of the final hat when I’m finished with it. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty summer hat and learn more about it in my Etsy Store.



In-Studio Perspectives

Barbara in her new hat

Barbara in her new hat

I recently had the pleasure of creating a hat for Barbara Feld, who retired last year as Executive Director of Tuesday Musical Association, an Akron institution that has been providing quality concerts and educational opportunities for young people since 1887. The hat was a retirement gift from Tuesday Musical’s Executive Board.
A certified hat lover, even the centerpieces at Barbara’s retirement party were beautifully decorated cakes in the shape of hats. When she came to my studio we knew that a custom design was in order to commemorate this milestone. As we talked, I pulled out special trims and buttons…and eventually created this pretty hat with vintage ribbon that I customized with the addition of black trim, and a fabulous vintage button that ties the design together in all the right ways. Congratulations, Barbara!
Barbara's Hat

Barbara’s Hat

Barbara's Hat Detail

Barbara’s Hat Detail