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Hi Everyone,

I have been working diligently on a new website that gives me more flexibility and allows me to procrastinate without putting other people up against my last minute deadlines :o)

Here’s a link to the new site. The URL is the same –

I would sincerely like to hear any comments you may have, negative or positive. I will be adding items to the online store daily so rest assured that there’s much more to come on that front. But otherwise the site is more or less finished with the exception of some minor tweaks.

I value your input!



Photo Credit: Black Box Photography; Hats: What a Great Hat!; Makeup and Hair: Beauty Therapy; Flowers: The Budding Tree




What a Great Hat on New Day Cleveland

I had the pleasure of appearing on New Day Cleveland last Thursday to show and talk about some of my Kentucky Derby hats. I have been on the show a few times in the past and it’s always so much fun. While I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous at all, the staff is great at putting the guests at ease. If you didn’t have a chance to see the segment, you may view it here. If you are so inclined, I’d love for you to leave a comment or share it with anyone you think may have an interest in seeing it.

Natalie Herbick and Paula Singleton on New Day Cleveland Set

The Set on New Day Cleveland

The Set on New Day Cleveland


In-Studio Perspectives

Creating one-of-a-kind hats means so many things to me…it is rewarding, joyful, satisfying. I often make a hat and then sell it before I have a chance to even take a photo of it. When hats go to a happy customer quickly I am grateful; although I wish I had been able to spend more time with the hat. I most definitely bond with the things I create. I suppose that’s because a part of me is in each and every one of them.

I recently created this hat for a contest. It’s for the Facebook group, Mad Hatters Society. It’s an interesting group with very knowledgeable collectors, milliners, and “everyday” people who simply love hats. Click on the link to join this open group.

Part of the challenge was to photograph the hat being worn in public. I wanted “my girl” to be going places. It’s so funny to me that “Always Be Careful” was printed on the steps of the train car at our location, since the wearer of this hat doesn’t seem to be the cautious type. I am very grateful to Marianne Barta, who modeled my hat and is a talented photographer herself…she owns Black Box Photography. Photography for this session is by Levi Welling. So happy to have the hat and the moment preserved in such lovely photos.







In-Studio Perspectives

 Hello Lovers of Everything Millinery,

As a member of the Milliners Guild of New York, I am participating in an exhibition in White Plains. It’s based on a program the Guild initiated over a year ago, called “One block, many milliners.” The challenge was for each milliner to block one straw hat and one felt hat on the same block, which was passed from milliner to milliner over the course of a few months. The hats – which don’t even remotely look alike – are on display along with other couture hats by select milliners. I’m honored to be a part of it!

The exhibition is at Arts Westchester, 31 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY. It runs through April 12th. If you’re able to attend, please let me know your thoughts! I’m sure it’s an amazing display.Hatitude exhibition

In-Studio Perspectives

Hello Fellow Hat Peeps,

Those of you living in the Midwest understand the degree to which the cold and snow is on our last nerve. To counter, I have turned to spring. This little fascinator features vintage flowers and a wonderful pink dotted netting, also vintage. The base of the piece is covered with a pretty floral fabric and I added a feather just for fun. Such a happy piece. It’s a terrific look for any upcoming spring or summer event where you’d like to make a splash. Although it’s non-traditional for the Kentucky Derby, it would be the perfect solution for the woman who doesn’t like a big brim. You’ll definitely be noticed in this one! You can check it out further in my Etsy store.

Floral Fascinator for Spring/Summer 2014

Floral Fascinator for Spring/Summer 2014

Style Monday

Hello Hat Lovers,

I’m changing my Monday post to “Style Monday” to encompass style in general, runway looks, trends, etc. This change comes after last week’s post when I expressed my dismay at the lack of creativity when it comes to the hats celebrities are wearing out and about. Pharrell Williams is an exception. Although I make hats exclusively for women, I totally appreciate the way a man looks in a hat when it’s the right hat for him.

Pharrell's Hat on Twitter

Pharrell’s Hat on Twitter

The hat Pharrell wore to the Grammys a couple of weeks ago has made such a hit that it has its own Twitter page. It’s definitely a hat that’s worn to get a reaction…and it has. It’s a matter of taste and opinion whether you like it or not.

Adding to the hat hype, Pharrell was just named the Hat Person of the Year for 2014 by the Headwear Assn., a 106-year-old industry trade group for the headwear business. Past honorees include Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

I’m attaching a link to Pharrell’s song, HAPPY. It’s so uplifting and fun…and thank you to Pharrell and his guests on the video for wearing a variety of hat styles. I love the energy of the music, the people and the fashion. Enjoy! (If the link doesn’t work, go to and search for “Pharrell  Williams Happy  – (Original Music Video).

Celebrity Hat Monday

Good morning! Today’s celebrity hat photograph of Beyoncé defines her ability to make any look grab your attention.

The thing that first stands out is her outfit, but what I appreciate is that Beyoncé didn’t accessorize with jewelry or something ostentatious – she used a hat. Her simple black bowler ties her ensemble together perfectly. Beyoncé gives us another great example of how the right hat can maximize a look while adding a touch of playfulness.

Beyoncé Photo from Entertainment News

Beyoncé Photo from Entertainment News