Vintage Hat Friday

It’s Friday again but honestly the days are all running together since our world has been turned upside down with COVID-19. Wishing all of you well and please stay healthy.

Orange Felt hat, “Model by Lisette”

I thought this orange number might bring a bit of sunshine to your day! It’s a classic 1950s style in orange felt with a dramatic sweep of two dyed pheasant feathers caped in a pearl and rhinestone holder. The tag inside says “Model by Lisette” The A. Polsky Co., Akron, Ohio.

The hat is constructed with an inner cap and then topped with the brim that is sewn on by hand. And then of course the wonderful feathers were added as the crowning glory.

Such a fun hat that has just the right amount of drama to amp up an otherwise conservative topper. Enjoy the weekend!

Vintage Hat Friday

Ivory Satin Beret

Berets are one of those styles that endure. This beret is made with strips of satin that end in a swirl at the top of the hat. The hat does not have a designer label but has a store label from Polsky’s, one of two major department stores downtown Akron that closed many years ago. Although this hat has seen better days – it has been well worn and loved – it’s charm shines through. Classic and still a beauty!

Vintage Hat Friday

I have recently had the good fortune to acquire some wonderful vintage hats. I will be posting one each Friday for the next few months. When necessary (due to the hat being soiled or damaged) I restore them with new, clean ribbons or mega steaming and re-blocking to bring them back up to snuff. I can’t tell you how much fun it is as a milliner to discover how my predecessors have assembled these little gems and added their personal creative touches.

Black Turban, “Hats by Gertrude”

Since I seem to be on a turban kick, here’s an elegant little number with a label, “Hats by Gertrude.” I can’t seem to find anything online about this designer so I’m curious if she was a local to my Northeast Ohio neighborhood or not. If you know anything about this designer, please share! Not only do I love the way this demi-turban is draped, but the large pearl pin is shaped like a horseshoe with pearls at each end. Such a timeless piece, I would definitely wear this one any day!

Hats by Gertrude Turban – Back view

Turban Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I have just completed a new turban. Turbans are a classic style and I love to make them – draping all those pleats and twists just makes me happy. Making a turban is a process – first we block buckram over our hat block and let it dry. Next it’s trimmed to the desired shape. The crown (top) is covered with fabric, either matching or contrast, and a bias strip is sewn around the bottom edge. Lastly, the fabric is draped and pinned in place, then sewn with invisible stitches so that the folds and pleats stay in place.

Pinning the Pleats

Below is the finished product. Click Here to see it on my website.

What a Great Hat Turban – Front
What a Great Hat Turban – Back