Vintage Hat Friday

Do you love vintage hats as much as I do? This one was purchased at the A. Polsky Co., Akron, Ohio, which was one of two large department stores in Akron that were directly across the street from one another. The maker is G. Howard Hodge – Fifth Avenue, New York. It’s a cream fur felt beret hybrid with a little brim that was blocked into the design. In true couture millinery fashion, the beaded applique and coordinating pearls and sequins are all sewn on by hand.

G. Howard Hodge Design

Hodge was a well known American milliner who worked in the millinery trade in San Francisco before establishing the G. Howard Hodge brand in New York in 1928. He worked in the trade his entire life and catered to wealthy clients.

I am not a vintage hat expert but would guess this hat to be from the 1950s. If you know more about it please feel free to comment!

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