Vintage Hat Friday

I recently found some wonderful vintage hats that I’d like to share with you. I always marvel at the construction of vintage pieces; the silhouettes and stitching are so creative.

This little hat does not have a designer label, but I love the detail and you may see me wearing this one around town! I love the pagoda-like pleating and small scale of the piece. The feather is a wonderful accent, topped with the sweetest little felt flowers with rhinestone centers. Just a charming little piece that will definitely turn heads!

Vintage Hat Friday

2 thoughts on “Vintage Hat Friday

  1. That hat is fabulous, Paula. Thanks for sharing the photos. I do hope you wear it around town, it’s so unique, esp. the beautiful pleating. I really love seeing vintage hats occasionally in resale shops, but wowza, they always are so tiny! People really were smaller in those days. My head isn’t even that big but I can never find one that fits well enough that I’d purchase it. Anyway…yours is a great find and would look pretty in your hair. Judy In Columbus Ohio

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