In-Studio Perspectives

One of the most rewarding hats to make is the turban. It had never gone out of style, but it’s a style that not everyone is comfortable wearing. The fabric draping on the turban is done on the bias. Draping sometimes takes on a life of its own as the material almost comes alive with its unique personality.

I had the pleasure of making a silk turban recently as a custom order. The hat was purchased by a young woman who loves hats, style, and has the confidence to wear it beautifully. Here’s the finished piece.

turban a

turban c

turban b



1 thought on “In-Studio Perspectives

  1. That piece is gorgeous, Paula. And you’ve explained to me in person how difficult and labor-intensive turbans are to make. Kudos on such a beautiful creation!
    I am fortunate enough to own one of your turbans. That’s a style I wouldn’t normally be attracted to but when I tried on one you had for sale I felt so unique and elegant and sophisticated in it. When I was trying to decide whether to buy it and asked you to model it, it looked so fabulous I knew I had to own it. Not to mention it is unlike any other millinary I had in my vast (thanks to you) hat wardrobe. I highly recommend stepping out of the box and trying a turban. It’s a compliment-magnet for sure!

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