In-Studio Perspectives

As a one-person business, making hats is only part of how I spend my days. I wish I had limitless time to create, but I also must wear my marketing hat, sales hat, accounting hat….not that I’m complaining. The most enjoyable part of my business is “taking my hats to market,” and meeting new customers at shows, boutiques or in my studio.

This past weekend, I went to Louisville for a hat trunk show at Clay & Cotton, a colorful and eclectic boutique that sells clothing, accessories for the home, and more. Louisville is a lovely town with friendly people and a rich history. I had a great time, saw some old friends and met some terrific new people. And even more of my hats will be at the Kentucky Derby this year, which is great. If you visit Louisville, I encourage you to stop by Clay & Cotton. My hats will be for sale there through this year’s Kentucky Derby.

Until next time, Louisville!!




2 thoughts on “In-Studio Perspectives

  1. Paula, what a beautiful collection of hats (and a lot of work from your end!) C Certainly Louisville, Ky. is “the place to be” at Derby time. I hope you’ll be glued to the television before and after the race, scrutinizing the crowd to see whether you can spot any of your hats. How fun!

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