Vintage Hat Friday

Greetings fellow hat lovers,

Today’s entry is in response to last Friday’s post, where I featured a glorious hat by Laddie Northridge. A member of the Mad Hatters Society on Facebook shared a photo of her Laddie hat, a black version of today’s hat, although it looks as if hers has a larger crown. Today’s featured hat does not have a label inside so I don’t know who designed it.

The hat featured below is so unique! I wonder where the original owner wore it. And I’d love to have seen her entire outfit. It’s clearly a high-quality hat; the base is a beautiful beaver fur felt with a lovely sheen that’s surrounded by many hand-curled burnt ostrich feathers that were sewn on by hand, along with the narrow satin band and bow. If you’ve never tried sewing feathers to a hat, let me tell you it’s a challenge – they definitely have a mind of their own. All I can say is Wow!



From the back

From the back

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