Style Monday

Hello Fashionistas,

Last week’s red carpet at the Oscars was fun to see as always. One of the standouts for me was Charlize Theron in a beautiful Dior gown. And the necklace from Harry Winston was unbelievable!

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Another gown I loved was the Alexander McQueen design that Sandra Bullock wore. Simple elegance.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Also loved the gown by Premiere Couture (can you tell I favor blue?) worn by Amy Adams.

Amy Adams and Darren LeGallo

Amy Adams and Darren LeGallo




2 thoughts on “Style Monday

  1. I wore my fascinator on Saturday to Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat also to a funeral last week where we were all asked to wear bright and colorful clothing. Lots of compliments

  2. Teri, I wore a fascinator to my mom’s funeral last week. So many relatives told me how pretty I looked which I totally owe to the fascinator! I almost wore a fabulous “out there” black turban hat I bought once from Paula, but I didn’t want my hat to upstage my poor deceased mother, since it was her funeral. I thought my fascinator was a lovely and respectful addition to my wardrobe – just perfect for the occasion and it garnered me many compliments.

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