Vintage Hat Friday

Hello Hat Lovers,

I’m taking a departure from my collection this week to share a photo of a beautiful hat (and woman) that a friend sent me. The woman in the photo is the grandmother of a co-worker of hers. I love everything about this photo – her expression is so sweet. Perhaps she’s thinking of the man she loves. Look at the detail of the sectioned crown and pleated lace brim. It’s one gorgeous hat!

Lovely Lady in a Vintage Hat

Lovely Lady in a Vintage Hat

If you have vintage photos of friends, relatives, etc. wearing wonderful hats, please send them my way! They may just end up on one of my posts!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Hat Friday

  1. Lovely photo indeed! What style of hat is this, Paula? It looks like a cloche style but with a very wide brim! Interesting to me in this photo is that the woman appears to have a small stature, yet the hat with the very wide brim is not swallowing her up and she pulls it off! (I’m esp. conscious of this since, having been to your studio just yesterday, I tried on a very beautiful large hat but my comment to you was that “this hat is wearing me.”) So I’m struck by how this seemingly small woman is lovely in the hat with this very wide brim. Great photo choice! I’d love to see it in color.

  2. Oh thanks for sharing that picture Paula! It’s an amazing hat! BTW – I’m enjoying your new weekly posts and photos! Love you!


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