Vintage Hat Friday

Good morning hat enthusiasts!  I hope that your week went well and that you continue to find new ways to express your style.  This week’s post may give you the courage to wear feathers anywhere…even the local grocery store. Exaggerated feathers seem to be inspiring me lately…I guess I have Kentucky Derby on the brain and feathers are such a fun and whimsical addition to any hat. 

Today’s beautiful piece, known back in the day as a cocktail hat, is styled to look almost like a wig.  Interesting to think that people actually wore this type of hat when going out for drinks and dinner.

Although this hat is absent of a label, it doesn’t lack flair or charm.  It’s embellished with a pearl brooch that adds a touch of glitz to this already lovely piece.  This hat is the second hat featured in my collection that has the small piece of circular netting at the back that helps secure it to the head.  This hat makes me want to put on a little black dress and drink a martini – shaken, not stirred, of course!

Feather Hat Front

Feather Hat Front

Feather Hat side

Feather Hat side


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