Vintage Hat Friday

Good morning hat collectors!  Today I bring you a sweet, romantic piece for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes when I look at my collection I wonder what the previous owner envisioned when she purchased each hat.  This rings true for today’s feature: a tri-corne brown wool hat with fabulous black ostrich feathers.  Every detail brings to life the culture of French and Spanish history.  I feel like this piece is all romance and elegance, especially with a sweeping veil across the front. And the feathers…all I can say is wow. Whoever burned and shaped them was quite skilled.

This hat was designed by Lydia.  I couldn’t find much about her other than she designed in the 1950s, although today’s hat style originated with the Spanish military in the 18th century and was originally designed as a rain hat with the rain falling off the corners away from the face. The shape has been worn throughout history by men and women alike. I hope that you enjoyed this historical stroll!

Vintage Hat by Lydia

Vintage Hat by Lydia



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