Celebrity Hat Monday

Good morning hat fanatics!  This post is for each of you that may be looking for a fresh new style on this Monday morning.  I have been taking time at the beginning of each week to share a bit of celebrity style from over the weekend, and recently have found that the fedora seems to have taken center stage this winter.  That was until I found these photographs of Adele and Rihanna.

While I like a great fedora as much as the next person, I think these photos show Adele and Rihanna breaking the mold and honoring their own personal style!  It does not take much – an embellished headband with a veil attached makes this particular look significant and star-worthy.  Each of these women proves that a small veil can be worn anytime anywhere – not just with wedding attire.



2 thoughts on “Celebrity Hat Monday

  1. I hope this is a trend we will continue to see. Easy to say what is old is new again, but not totally 60’s when added to stunning outfits. Thanks for adding a bright spot to this Monday.

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