Vintage Hat Friday

Good Morning Vintage Hat Fans!
I’m bringing you a fabulous hat this morning, although I found very little information on the maker, Leslie James. All I uncovered was a vague reference that James produced quality hats for movies, stars, and upscale clients in California from the early 1940s through 1960s. The second label is from a Cleveland department store, Engel Fetzer, that closed long ago.
As a milliner, I love feathers…but they aren’t always easy to work with. First, you must get them to curl the way you want (a challenge unto itself), then position them gracefully on the hat, and finally attach them so that they stay put in the proper position without any stitches showing.
This hat does all of these things so well! I appreciate the use of beads as a design element to cover the stitches. Also, please notice the custom hat pin in the center photo. I would love to have seen the reset of the ensemble the original owner wore with this stunning headpiece, wouldn’t you?

Leslie James Hat - Right Side

Leslie James Hat – Right Side

Leslie James Hat - Back

Leslie James Hat – Back


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