Vintage Hat Friday


Good Morning, hat enthusiasts! This Friday’s featured vintage hat is a sweet little confection that can’t help but make you smile. It’s a perch hat, named for the way it sits perched on the head. It would be worn at an angle or perhaps down on the forehead a bit. The seafoam green feathers are gently swirled with a few terra cotta colored feather added for contrast.

As collectors, we continually learn new things. This hat has a tiny little veil on the back section. It’s too small to be a snood, so I posted a question on the Facebook page for the Mad Hatters Society if anyone had seen this feature on a hat before. I learned (thanks, Sue and Brenda!) that it is probably a very rare type of holder that uses a Bakelite hair pin to attach the mesh into the hair. My piece also has the narrow elastic band that slips behind the ears. Apparently, this type of holder was used on theatre costume hats – I’m guessing the extra anchor was designed to avoid having the hat come off if one was dancing or acting on the stage.


The hat was made by G. Howard Hodge (1891-1966). Hodge was involved in the millinery business nearly all of his life, starting out in San Francisco and eventually establishing himself in New York City in the late 1920s. His creations were considered by the press to be inventive and were made with quality materials for the higher end of the market. I’m guessing today’s featured hat is from the 1950s, or perhaps the late ‘40s.


To see another tilt with the Bakelite hair pin attached, visit:.…/Milliner/NYCreations/204d

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