Vintage Hat Friday

Starting today (and every Friday from now on) I will be posting pictures and reviews that showcase vintage hats, either from my personal collection or from other sources.  As many of you know, I purchased almost one hundred vintage hats this past year, and I’m anxious to share the best of them with all of you.

The hat being featured today is a red velvet special occasion hat. Unfortunately there’s not a label in this hat, but I am quite certain that it was created in the mid-to-late 1940s, possibly early ‘50s, based on other designs that I have studied.  The piece is embellished with burnt ostrich feathers that were specially dyed for this hat.  I can envision pairing this hat to great effect with an impeccable coat or tailored suit.  It would be impossible to go unnoticed while wearing this stunning piece!

Red Velvet Hat with Burnt Ostrich Feathers

Red Velvet Hat with Burnt Ostrich Feathers

2 thoughts on “Vintage Hat Friday

  1. Just delicious. Someone should be begging to buy this from you to wear for Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Friday’s a bit more now with this new blog devoted to the passion of hats.

  2. Just gorgeous, and in a color that goes with just about every skin tone. But, NOT for the shy person to wear. This one is a real attention-grabber (and right up my alley LOL). I have seen much of your vintage hat collection in person, Paula, and am totally envious of it. You have some real treasures that I’m looking forward to seeing on the blog. Your “vintage” customer, Judy.

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