Trying something new

I stood in my closet this morning and stared at the same old stuff I wear over and over again. I decided to break out of the mold and wearing something completely different.

Once I arrived at the studio, I knew I wanted to spend the day blocking hats and thought I’d try the same philosophy – so rather than going to my “old faithful” blocks, I dusted off some of the vintage blocks I haven’t used for ages.

I’m in love with this cute little hat! It’s fun and sporty and flirty. I used a beret-like vintage crown block to get the shape at the top and then free-form sculpted the brim. A pretty silk band, grosgrain ribbon and cheery flower complete the look. Now I’m looking at my blocks in an entirely different light!

Pink asymmetrical cloche

Pink asymmetrical cloche


5 thoughts on “Trying something new

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  2. love the sassy angle this hat is designed to wear….the cool diagnal stripe band and the polka dot flower says this hat is ready for fun. Take a look at my mannequin heads at they would LOVE to wear one of your hats…especially this one. Thanks for taking a peek. Marge Crunkleton mannequin maker that mimic vintage.

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