Fresh and Quirky Hat

About a week ago, I entered one of my hats in an art show at Summit ArtSpace in Akron. More than 90 pieces from various artists were submitted and 30-some were selected for exhibit in the show. The theme of the show is Fresh Art with Q- something that has been created in the last year or so and the piece had to somehow include the letter “Q,” whether literally or figuratively. The hat I submitted (photographed below)  has lots of curly-cues and is most definitely quirky. When I learned that my hat was one of the pieces selected, I was thrilled. But then I learned that it won third place in the show! The show runs through April 13 and gallery hours are Thursdays, 12-9, Friday and Saturday 12-5, and during the April 6 Artwalk from 5 – 9:30. More info at Thanks so much to photographer Bradley Hart for sharing these photos with me (and you). Bradley’s HART Photographic studio is on the third floor of the Summit ArtSpace building and he can be reached at (330) 310-3982.

Fresh and Quirky Hat by Paula Singleton

Fresh and Quirky Hat by Paula Singleton

3 thoughts on “Fresh and Quirky Hat

  1. Paula, congratulations on your well-deserved prize! That hat is a master work of artistry and craftsmanship. It’s truly amazing! I don’t know how you think up all the various designs and styles that you do. I so admire your boundless creativity!

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