Japanese Street Fashion meets Lakewood

Girls just wanna have fun. Especially these three, enjoying their version of Japanese Street Fashion at the Lakewood Arts Festival. They must REALLY love it…I can’t imagine wearing a synthetic wig in the 90-plus degree heat! What do you think of this fashion statement?

Girls expressing Japanese Street Fashion

Lakewood Arts Festival this Saturday, August 4


If you’re in the Lakewood area this Saturday, I hope you’re able to stop by the Lakewood Arts Festival between 10 am and 6 pm. Although it’s my first time doing this show, I’ve had a lot of people – both artists and art-lovers – tell me it’s one of their favorites. This pretty knotted straw¬†cloche¬†has been one of my best-selling hats this summer – I will bring it with me on Saturday…you can find me in booth 13.

Natural Knotted Sisal Cloche