Custom Made Kentucky Derby Hats

A group of women recently came to see me about making custom hats for their trip to the Kentucky Derby. It’s always fun to custom design a piece to go with a particular dress or outfit. And Derby time is the perfect opportunity to use over-the-top profiles and embellishments. Here’s a peek at one of the hats I designed to coordinate with a beautiful coral dress.

Pink and Orange Kentucky Derby Hat

2 thoughts on “Custom Made Kentucky Derby Hats

  1. Reblogged this on My Kentucky Living and commented:
    For Hat Lovers…whether you go to the Derby or not. Looking is such fun too. You can click on the full story and go directly to the website. I especially love the colors of this hat! So many hats…so few occasions to wear them.

    The men who read this blog may not be interested in ladies Derby Hats…but the ladies win on this post!

    Gorgeous Hats!

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